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and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> diane lives in bethesda, maryland. hey, diana. >> that's right, michelle. housing is down month to month in january missing expectations bay lot but driven by the always volatile multifamily sector. single family rose just under 1% but up 20% since july 2008. multifamily is down month to month but still up 35% from a year ago and building permits beat expectations up nearly 2 frers december and 35% on the year. but this as mortgage rates continue to rise. the 30-year fix now stands at 3.78% and that is a seven-month high. all of this on a still shaky housing recovery which is not looking forward to the possibility of big cuts under sequestering. that is not only the ability to make new loans and finance mortgages but to sell the foreclosures it has. it could hit anybody trying to get a mortgage, if they lose a job or temporary furlough. we have more of this on the blog. >> diana, if you can hang out there in a cold weather, i want you to join in the conversation now with suze orman, of course the host of the suze orman show. author, speak
as credit cards. home ec wit lines. should we be worried, diane? >> that depends on what we are spending that home equity money on. we will tell you up next on "power lunch." >>> welcome back it "power lunch." i'm john harwood. at the white house, white house economic officials just had a briefing, trying to paint as dire a possible a picture as budget sequesters in order to put pressure on republicans to accept tax increases as part after deal it avoid the he is quester. two economic officials from the obama administration saying it would result in 70,000 kids being thrown off of head start in a couple of thousand fewer food inspectiones. 373,000 fewer mental health patient treated. 540 million in smaller loan guarantee. 600,000 fewer women and children receiving food assistance. this is putting pressure on congress to act because many republicans expressed the idea they could let the budget sequester take effect. some democrats suggested that is not so terrible from their point of view too. white house is trying it make a counter argument. we will see over the next couple of weeks sinc
are going to know what you are doing. simple? is no. lucrative you bet it is. dian in new york. >> question, wouldn't it be considered a quote good rate of return? >> i think what you are always trying to do is measure it against bonds if you can get something against the risk free rate and the tax on it, then you are going to do real well, if you look the ten year, you can measure against the 30 year, you want to get six, seven, 8. you are doing great. john in north carolina john? >> hey john? >> hey, what is going on. >> not much how are you. >> doing good. so, i'm new to the market and i've been watching the show and reading the "mad money" book which has been helpful so thank you for that. >> my question is when i'm doing valuations and i'm kal ckacaulag which number should i use. >> were you doing the growth ratios look at the forward next year. i don't like to look at historic. you got to go and get the estimates. get them on yahoo!. want to get started look for things you know and research it until you can't research it anymore. you are surrounded by information so use it. stick arou
impact? and is this market in denial as it continues to hang strong? good morning to you, diane. >> good morning. >> we're within striking distance here of all-time highs potentially on the cost of a gallon of gas. how do you explain that to people at this time of year? because this is very early to have thirt o rally. >> it is very early to have the rally. and it's a multitude of factors, in addition to, we've seen crude prices go up on brent, which is part of the problem, because that's in the mix, about 68% of the price at the pump is the actual cost of oil. wti and cushing hasn't gone up as much. it gets stuck down in cushing, oklahoma, so we don't get it all in the places we need. frankly, it doesn't really matter, at the end of the day, we're now talking about a rise in the price of gasoline 25 cents in the first two weeks of february alone. a rise in the price of gasoline that is equivalent to the payroll tax holiday expiring for some households, depending how much they fill up their tank a month. it could be up to $20 a week extra they're paying at this stage of the game. as you
on the deal. there's going to be some thinking that jobs are going to go down. >> diane, the same question. >> down. >> you're worried about job creation and growing the economy, m & a work? i'm a market guy, i'm all for it. i'm just saying you can't really clap and cheer in terms of job creation. that ain't going to happen. >> initially the jbs go down as the two enterprises merge and eventually chick growth goes up -- >> productivity goes up but it's not creating any new jobs. it's a little beef that i have. >> but if you have more efficiency, i mean, i take the u.s. air and american merger, maybe that will mean tickets go down, they'll travel more -- >> time-out, there's no chance ticket prices are going down. but the heinz deal or the dell deal, it's not a merger. it's totally private. >> what's that going to mean for jobs? it's worse. they're going to slash more jobs. i worked on wall street. i was there quite a while. i'm not against it. it's the natural order of things. have i no problem with it. i'm just saying for those people who treat about the statement of the economy and the l
evidence of a rebounding housing sector. the reit index with a high ppt all this with juicy yields. diane joins us from washington with whether the trend can continue. diana, can it? >> i think it can. and reit is providing that. average yield is 3.8%, higher than the ten-year treasury yield. that why reits are on fire. let's look at the sector then we will name names. hospitali hospitality, healthcare and senior housing. residential multifamily apartments has been underperforming according to some analysts. geographically sensitive and has taken a hit due to recovery in single family housing market. as rental demand continues to rise, you may see a turn there. all right, let's name some namees. hospitality properties. government reports from. there you see the specialty reits i was talking about. in the apartment sector, alexander gold barb likeses iks property trust for southern california exposure. it is poised to outgrow the national average because southern california was late it recover in multifamily so it is just doing that now. he also likes high quality malls. like simon propert
as a crime. nowhere else except in the united states. >> diane francois is kakavand's lawyer in paris, where he's fighting his extradition to the u.s. she explains that in europe, there are no sanctions against trading with iran, except when it comes to arms and nuclear sales. >> the united states is somehow asking foreign countries to recognize their embargo, their national defense interest while it is not at all the one of other sovereign countries. >> do the europeans, and the french particularly, have no moral issues selling electronics or anything that could conceivably be used in weapons to iran? >> look, that is, first, a political question, and i disagree with the question itself. to the best of my knowledge, trading with iran on many commodities has absolutely nothing to do with the nuclear program of iran. >> you're client wasn't buying dresses. he wasn't buy tables. he was buying electronics. and he was sending them to iran. >> he was buying a lot of electrical components, and this is still not forbidden by any legislation other than your embargo. >> we're talking about tens of th
loser. he did not do as well as expected. silvio berlusconi and the bomb he'dian beppe grillo did far better than expected. here's what the professor of political science at american university in rome described it. >> italy is in chaos. there is no clear government available, the predictions were wrong. and the real winners were beppe grillo and silvio berlusconi. >> both of whom, by the way, have criminal convictions and silvio berlusconi would have to go to prison. keep that in mind. so the italian newspapers are always so fun to read, and they have very definitive political alignments. some would say like in the united states. this newspaper is owned by silvio berlusconi's brother, and the headlines is the berlusconi miracle. it makes it sound like he won. you know, mentally he won. he did far better than anybody expected. months ago people left him for dead and he totally disrupted this situation. he isn't the outright winner, though. the other pro-berlusconi paper has this on the cover, always has a cartoon. here he along with beppe grillo are raising champagne glasses, and the
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)